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Positive Metering Pumps

The Founder of our company Mr. Sudhir Mutalik is a passionate mechanical engineer graduated from the reputed Government College of Engineering, Karad near Pune, India. Diesel Engines has been his interest for study since his university days. He was selected by the world's well-known Diesel Engine manufacturer Kirloskar Oil Engines Ltd through campus recruitment. After working with KOEL for a short while his love for Diesel Engines and precisely the slider-crank mechanism attracted him towards Chemical Dosing Pumps, the drive end of which also works on a similar principle. After working over the product for a few years and studying applications in various sectors Positive Metering Pumps company was founded in 1996 for manufacturing of Chemical Dosing Pumps and Skid Mounted Chemical Dosing Systems.

With a vision to "Simplify Chemical Treatments in the world" after 25 years today Positive Metering Pumps (I) Pvt Ltd has done more than 125,000 installations of various products in 40 different countries of the world. The company is thankful to each and every customer for a great support so far without which the journey would not been so glorious. We have evolved as a reliable solution provider in the areas of Liquid storage, ( Solution preparation) Mixing, Dosing, and transfer. The business is totally customer-centric and the sole purpose is to provide the right and cost-effective solution.


Our Founder and Managing Director Mr Sudhir Mutalik is a well known entrepreneur and especially known for his leadership skills. He has a strong network of professionals across the world. He is highly active on social platforms like Process Plant and Machinery Association of India (PPMAI) wherein he is one of the members of the board. He is Chairman of the 125 year old Confederation of Indian Industries ( CII ) for Maharashtra State.

Our Co-Founder Ms. Jyotsna Mutalik is a cost accountant by qualification and a certified Director. She has structured the enterprise into a financially sound business and ably handling Finance, Accounts, Taxation side of the company.


Mr. Sudhir Mutalik

Founder and Managing Director

Mrs. Jyotsana Mutalik

CEO & Finance Director

Mr. Malhar Mutalik

Chief Technical Manager

Mr. Ravindra Jadhav

Head Operations Pump's Business


Positive Metering Pumps (I) Pvt Ltd is now evolved as a "Process Mart" as we design and in house manufacture many critical components required in a process plant, like Chemical Dosing Pumps, Screw Pumps, Agitators, Static Equipment, Screw Pumps, High-Pressure Triplex Plunger Pumps, Static Mixers, Control Panels, Pressure Relief Valves, Level Gauges, Strainers. We manufacture Skid Mounted Packages for gas and liquids. We have the capability to manufacture each of these products in house like 

1) State of art manufacturing facilities, spread over total of 6000 square meters. 

2) Well equipped Test Beds, an arrangement to test each of the products in our list. 

3) Measuring Instruments for various parameters like Noise, Vibration, Current, Pressure, Level, Speed, etc. 

4) Critical Machines for Screw Cutting, Rolling, etc

5) State of Art Painting Facility

6) Adequate Material handling equipment

The most important asset of our company is our people who are expert in the areas of Piping, Process Equipment Designs, Electrical, and Instrumentation engineering, quality control of welding and process equipment., Logistic Engineering, Finance, and Taxation People constantly undergo various training programs to acquire the required Knowledge and Skills to upgrade themselves with current manufacturing, quality trends.   

The capacity of our expert engineers and other professionals is enhanced by various software like PTC Creo, Auto Cad, Project Planning, etc. 

Apt use of all the resources  is an art and we take special care to use all the resources so that we offer the best quality and delivery to our customers




Service Support

We consider us a Solution Providing Business. Therefore offering Services to our customers is considered to be a core activity. Our organisation is built around to offer services in three stages :

1) Pre Order Services : Application Engineering is one of our main strenghts. Our expert engineers have excellent field experience who can perfectly match our products with customer's needs. Special care is taken by us to offer a cost effective solution in right time. We help our customers in structuring their budgets and submitting bids to their customers. 

2) Execution : A contract specific execution plan is prepared immedietly after receipt of the contract and shared with the customer to make them aware about the schedule and stages of execution. We share status reports with a regular frequency proactively to save our customers efforts in expediting the execution. Well known customers in the process industries have expressed their happiness about services during execution and delivering the products in right time. 

3) Post Order Services : We have a structured plan in place to offer services to our customers at their site. We offer support to our customers for supervision of installation and commissioning anywhere in the world, if the contract needs so. We are very prompt in offering services - anywhere in the world - in case of breakdown in our products as we realise our customers' stakes in a project or in a process. Our products have proved their reliability and very rarely we have attended breadowns due to manufacturing or design defects. 80% of our business comes from our existing customers that proves our products generally do not fail due to manufacturing or design defects. 7 out 10 first customers who had placed orders on us 24 years ago - in the year 1996 - have continued to place orders on us till today. 

Research & Development


"Notable Innovation"

Indian Army based at the Siachen needs huge amount of Kerosene on daily basis. They use Kerosene for multiple purpose liike fuel for machines, Laundry, cooking, Snow Scooters etc. The glaciers is spread over 700 sq km and at 5400 meter elevation. The soldiers have hundreds of posts in this area and every post needs to stock K-Oil. Vehicles can naturally reach upto the base camp and there is no possibility of having motorable road in the glacier. Therefore army used an expensive solution to take the Kerosene. They used to airlift ( above 5400 meter !) the kerosene barrels from base camp and drop at various posts. It was not only an expensive solution, it was impossible to carry out sortie during the winter when the soldiers need kerosene the most. 

Positive Metering Pumps (I) Pvt Ltd designed and manufactured the K-Oil transfer pumps. The challanges were :

1) Minus 60 degree celcius temperature at which the pumps should work.

2) No power supply in the glacier, motor driven pumps can not work here. 

3) Installation is on the surface of the Glacier, conventional foundation is of no use.

4) It takes trmendous time for a Soldier to reach a destination at a few kilometers, restriction for movements. Almost impossible to attend breakdowns in right time. 

We designed the pumping system that can take 275 liter Kerosene in one hour up to 2 km distance. All the challanges as listed above are overcome by the design. We not only saved tremendous expenditure on airlifting the Kerosene barrels, we provided a reliable solution to the soldiers to receive uninterrupted supply of their Life-fuel.