What’s wrong with women of India??? 

(- is what we all as a society need to care and analyse to correct ourselves) :

1. India has one of the lowest female labour force participation.

2. It averages around 20% over the last several decades, while Bangladesh has 30.5 % participation, Sri Lanka has 33.7%

3. The pandemic impacted on women India more it seems. The participation of women as work force had further fallen to 15.5% in urban india in Apri-June 2020, which slightly improved to 16.1% in July- Sept 2020 but remained steady at 20.6% in Oct - Dec 2020.

Which factors in the society keep women away from working actively in the professional fields / at work places ? Women themselves ??? I remember - at least during last few years - it’s our girls who have been in the top ranking in the board merit lists and also in the UPSC achiever’s list. But I can not completely ignore the discouraging Periodic Labour Force Survey results ( PLFS ), while looking around at least in the Industries where the participation is not as much as the men have. It’s not only about my observations after looking around and experiencing, the survey indicates national average of men participation which is almost 45% !

Looks like not only by the Indian Army, every industry and establishment in India need to advertise and encourage our women to join them for a job. I refrain myself in commenting over individual families need to do create the right ambiance at every home. But the Men dominated establishments need to sit and discuss and see the root cause of this issue.

Someone said, India is going to be a Super Power. That’s welcome, it’s nice to know that. But do we really call it a power, if the the powerful part of the society is not going to participate to the extent of 50% ?

- Sudhir Mutalik