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High Efficiency Hydrofoil Type (Narrow Blade) -

The highest efficiency turbulent flow impeller is ideal for blending, heat transfer, and solids suspension applications. Developed to maximize strength at lower weights as compared to other axial flow impellers, allowing for longer shafts without internal support, smaller shaft diameters, and smaller seal sizes if applicable.

High efficiency Hydrofoil Type (Wide Blade) -

The High efficency Wide 3 bladed Impeller features an advanced design engineered for deep tanks. It produces flow characteristics of much larger impellers, without the added weight, or the resulting loss in pumping efficiency. The highly efficient Impeller's reduced weight allows for the use of longer shaft extensions for deeper tanks, and resolves associated critical speed limitations.

Pitched Blade Turbine (4 or 6 Blades) -

It is reasonably cost effective impeller in both turbulent and laminar flow also for solid suspension. Good impeller for applications where the viscosity changes over a wide range causing the flow regime to vary between turbulent and laminar flow.

Straight Blade Turbine (4 or 6 Blades) -

This is a very cost effective impeller for operation very near the bottom of a tank for agitating the heel in solids suspension applications. It is also an effective impeller in laminar flow applications, especially when impeller Reynolds numbers drop below 50.

Curved Blade Disc Turbine (4 or 6 Blades) –

The Curved Blade impeller is a second generation gas and immiscible liquid dispersion impeller. This impeller can handle about 2.4 times the maximum gas capacity of the Disc Turbine or Rushton impeller.

Disc Turbine or Rushton Impeller (4 or 6 Blades) -

Good cost effective impeller for low concentrations of immiscible liquid or gas. Two very strong trailing vortices are shed from each blade. These areas of high shear are responsible for breaking the larger droplets to smaller droplets.

Side Entering Hydrofoil Impeller –

A high efficiency, advanced side-entering hydrofoil impeller that produces maximum pumping action. It has more cavitation resistance than other designs through effective hydrodynamic design.

Marine Propeller –

A Marine propeller is a high-speed axial flow impeller generally used for liquids of low viscosity. It also used on side-entering mixers and is mounted with the impeller shaft inclined at an angle with respect to the vessel centerline, for improving process results. The propeller is generally operated to produce down pumping action directed toward the bottom of the vessel, until deflected by the floor or the wall of the vessel. The shearing action of the propeller is significant at high speeds.

Double Helical Ribbon Impeller -

This is generally recognized as the best high viscosity, laminar flow impeller. It is the most efficient blender of all existing close clearance agitators. The double flight helical ribbon impeller is also good for heat transfer and blending of liquids and solids from the surface. Generally used for applications where viscosities are ordinarily greater than 30,000 cps.

Single Helical Ribbon with Screw -

It is reasonably efficient high viscosity, laminar flow impeller. Blend times are about the same to somewhat longer than the double helical ribbon impeller. The central screw can effectively pull down solids and liquids from the surface when the helical ribbon is pumping up. Generally used for applications where viscosities are ordinarily greater than 30,000 cps. Heat transfer coefficients are only slightly less than the double helical ribbon impeller.

Anchor Impeller -

The anchor impeller is the most economical laminar flow impeller for higher viscosity liquids between 5000 and 50000 cP. It is most effective in squatty batches where vertical pumping is not as important as in tall batches. Blend times are somewhat longer than helical ribbon type impellers. Anchor impellers are preferred when heat transfer through a jacket is desired along with good mixing. It is the easiest high viscosity impeller onto which scrapers can be mounted for very difficult heat transfer applications.

Saw Tooth Cutter Impeller –

Saw tooth Cutter impeller are designed for shearing. Dispersion blade has a rugged design which has a balance of high shear dispersion and pumping action. Most popular type of blade used in wide ranges of applications including but not limited to paint dispersion, clay processing, paper coatings and ink manufacturing.

Curve Type Impeller -

The Curved type impellers provide better radial flow with other radial flow impellers with similar power characteristics. The impeller is placed near the bottom of the vessel to maximize the allowable range of liquid levels and to produce circulation from bottom to top of the vessel.

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