ISO Certified

Why Positive


Customers demand and deserve products at right time and with right technical specifications agreed upon – which go without saying. These expectations are a part of contract. What we add is “Reliability” of the product which results into the product’s performance on a long run basis much beyond contractual period of running.

“Reliability” is the outcome of our quality management system. At Positive Metering quality is set of value and belief at its centre between management and employees. As the management system has a direct impact on the Reliability of the products, “People” at Positive Metering who form the important part of the management system are also a focus of Quality in addition to Total Customer satisfaction.

We normally follow contract specific QAP which ensures all manufacturing, Testing, Inspection, dispatch and site services are done with reference to Internationally accepted standards at various stages. Apart from International standards like API, ASME, ASTM etc we also consider customers’ requirements in the specific contract in addition to our own design standards. Normally the QAP shared with customers to get their approval before the manufacturing starts.

Positive Metering is equipped with highly sophisticated test arrangements for the products. Parameters like Temperature, Speed, Noise level, Power being consumed, Current Drawn, Voltage, vibrations etc can be measured online during testing. Almost all reputed and well known Inspections agencies from across the world have visited all the plants of Positive Metering for inspection of various products and passed satisfactory remarks about the testing facilities.