ISO Certified

Why Positive


“While Creating Infrastructure at Positive Metering, three parameters are considered as mandatory :
a) Safety, Health & Environment
b) Continual Improvement in Productivity
c) Ability to provide solutions to customers and not just products.”

Plants & Machines

Locations to establish the plants is purposely chosen in the city of Nashik ( approx 180 km away on the east of Mumbai, India ) from where both Sea Port and Internals Airports are at a driving distance of hardly 3 hours. Positive Products are manufactured in three different state of art manufacturing facilities is at three different locations in the same city - Nashik ( India ). All these plants are built to suit manufacturing products that can serve to the satisfaction of domestic and international customers. All the plants are equipped with World Class machines to manufacture and fabricate parts and final assemblies.

Test Beds

The plants are equipped with testing arrangements required to conduct testing of various Positive Products as per respective Internationally accepted Testing Standards. Independent provisions are made to conduct Running Trials of various Products.

Safety & Environment

S & E are considered to be the important and prime criteria in designing and establishing the plants and all business processes. Positive Metering has consistently established commitment to these aspects which are important for the livings on the planet.


IT was being considered as an important Infrastructure. Therefore all efforts were engaged in implementing various tools with the sole purpose to improve productivity and serve the customers better. IT is now being considered as a value adding tool to business and not as cost centre.